Attention Teachers

Are you tired of being stressed, overwhelmed and burned out? 


Does this sound familiar? 

  • You work on your days off  preparing for the upcoming week
  • Your pay is stagnant and cannot keep up with cost of living
  • You've become convinced that you aren't qualified for anything else because teaching is all you've ever known
  • You're tired of being blamed for things outside your control.
  • You get to work in the morning and struggle to get out of your car.

You're not alone. 

Teachers in Transition has helped other teachers just like you with the simple strategies revealed in this How-to Guide: Transition out of Teaching to the Life You Really Want.

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How to Guide: Transition out of Teaching to the Life You Really Want 

Do you dread going to work on Mondays? Are you tired of being stuck where you can't increase your yearly paycheck enough to keep up with inflation? Are you tired of having to put everything else in your life on hold because of your overwhelming teacher responsibilities?


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More About Your Coach


Meet Vanessa 

Vanessa is a former teacher with 25 years experience in multiple states and districts.  After successfully transitioning out of teaching, she began working for a  Fortune 500 company specializing in contingent staffing.  In this capacity, she became very familiar with how the hiring process works on a corporate level.  Vanessa is a successful coach, business owner, public speaker and author of the podcast, Teachers in Transition. She holds a BM from the University of Texas in San Antonio, an MEd in Educational Leadership from Concordia University, .  

Her experience as both a teacher and training facilitator in the staffing world with managers and professional contractors have made her uniquely qualified to understand the challenges teachers experience in translating their valuable experiences and talents outside of education.

Before navigating her own transition to corporate America and entrepreneurship, Vanessa used a variety of techniques to help cope with the stresses of teaching.  She has earned additional credentials as a Nutrition Coach (level 1 certified through Precision Nutrition), become a certified Personal Trainer through NASM, and has completed additional studies in Sleep, Stress, and Recovery.  What Vanessa likes to do more than anything is to help others to achieve their goals and have the life they dream of. 

Vanessa's coaching clients learn how to write effective resumes, interview well, and network. They navigate this difficult job market by applying strategies and available tools to land higher paying jobs in exciting and satisfying career fields where the work stays at work!


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Are you suffering from Teacher Burnout?

7 Signs you may be over-stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out

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Teachers In Transition Podcast is a place where you can hear tips for dealing with the stress and overwhelm of teaching, get hacks and recommendations for classroom and your life, and of course, tips for job hunting and career transition!  You can find me on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you like to download your podcasts. 



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