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Are you a teacher who is experiencing teacher burnout?

Are you unhappy with your teaching career but don’t know where to turn?

If so, you may be in need of the advice of a career transition and job search coach.


Are you….

Do you love your job? Do you hop out of bed every Monday morning eager to get to work?

OR, do you dread Monday mornings and just want to pull the covers over your head instead of going back to “that place” where you only feel like you are working harder than ever with little reward?

If you said “No” to the first question and “Yes” to the second, you might be at a career crossroads.

Could it be that you are bored and burned out with your current job?

Or perhaps you have been under-employed because of the economy?

Do you have a boss who fails to appreciate you or who asks you to perform tasks you don’t feel comfortable performing?

If any of this sounds like you, you may be ready for a career “makeover.”

Whether you find yourself in the midst of a career crisis or between jobs, you are not alone.

The fact is that many mid-career professionals feel that they are working harder than ever with less and less satisfaction. The truth is that they are not feeling fulfilled by their work in any way.

Many professionals secretly wish they had made a different career choice, but they feel stuck because they don’t know where to begin even if they had the courage to make a change.

Is this you? If so, it time for YOU to jumpstart your job search or makeover your career altogether.

I can help take the mystery and overwhelm out of the job search process once and for all.

I can help you gain the clarity that you need to make a real effort to get yourself into a job or career that you can look forward to going to because work should be fun, and it should be fulfilling!

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