Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Teachers Had a Night Like Oscar Night for Actors?

I don't make it a habit to watch the Oscars. Some years it comes and goes and I hardly notice other than a passing interest in which movie won best film. Don't get me wrong….I love going to the movies…it is one of my very favorite past times. But I don't always go to the ones that everyone else thinks of as the “best.” I go to the ones that I think I will find entertaining.

This year, however, I decided I was interested in watching. Ellen DeGeneres is a favorite of mine after all, and I had seen several of the movies that were in the running for best film (12 Years a Slave was my personal favorite). And I always get something of a kick out of seeing the dresses and listening to all the hype. It is an event, after all, and I gather that I was just one of millions and millions of people all over the world that decided to tune in.

What occurs to me today is to wonder how nice it might be if teachers had a night like that? I mean, think about it. We would all get all dressed up…the women in designer gowns, the men in their tuxedos. Reporters would gush all over us on the red carpet. We would wave at one another and enjoy a night dedicated to us and our work…it might be quite nice.

The really phenomenal thing would be that someone would actually be recognizing our hard work and our contributions to the profession. What a novel idea. Not to take anything away from the actors who do so much by entertaining us with their superb performances, but shouldn't teachers be getting the kind of attention and accolades that actors do? And don't even get me started on the disparity between what teachers are paid and the salaries of actors–or athletes for that matter.

We really have our priorities all screwed up, and I wish I knew what to do about it other than complain. We idolize actors and athletes and pay them millions and millions of dollars while our school buildings crumble, in some cases, around our very ears. Students lack textbooks and paper and pencils while Oscar attendees win gift packages worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars just for being there.

I know I am only offering a hypothetical…but I do think it would be nice if our teachers had an opportunity to feel the kind of love and have the kind of honoring that we witnessed last night. I am just sayin' “Wouldn't it be nice….”