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I maintain a blog entitled, Teachers in Distress.

In that blog forum, I speak to the reason why I believe so many teachers are unhappy, starting with the low level of respect that they feel from every corner:  politicians, policy makers, parents, and even their students in some cases.

Add to that the fact that administrators and bureaucrats are putting pressure on them to test more than they teach.

Then there is the matter of low pay and lack of future promotion. For the teacher who has been at it for five to fifteen years, you may be feeling squeezed in a way that you never anticipated you would.

I speak to that in this entry, “Teachers, Are You Feeling the Painful Symptoms of Job Burnout?”

I recognize that for many teachers, the fun that used to be a part of teaching has disappeared.

And while I believe that students deserve to have great teachers, I also know that an unhappy teacher means unhappy students who aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

What is there to be done about it, however? Do you just hunker down and try to make it to retirement? Do you quit and try to make it in another arena on your own? If you decide to quit, how do you get started?

That is where I come in. I offer sound, practical, and affordable advice and counsel on how to start a job search that will get you jumpstarted and on the right track right away. Don’t try to figure out the job search process on your own. It has gotten far too complicated, and you really need help if you want to shave weeks and even months off your job search.

There is hope, however.

You can make a career transition or transformation. I did it, so I know you can, too. I didn’t do it alone, however, and I don’t recommend you go it alone either.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a 20-minute Discovery session, please feel free to do so. It will cost you nothing. It might change your life.

In the meantime, check out the blog and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.