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Stress is a fact of life for many teachers. Stress relief is needed in different forms, and one form that is available is aromatherapy and essential oils.

Essential oils are increasingly popular. As a teacher, Beth Wrobel, the founder and owner of The Blissful Teacher, experienced her own stress and saw the stress of her colleagues.

About the owner of The Blissful Teacher, LLC Apothecary

Beth Wrobel was a proud Connecticut educator of Elementary Education and Gifted Education for 23 years. She saw that her colleagues were very stressed. She left teaching to pursue her goal of healing all of those in the education field and beyond. Beth has had extensive training with the oils and continues to grow and learn as an Oil Fairy!

The Blissful Teacher carries essential oils for all your personal needs. They also make great gifts.
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For essential oils designed for teachers by a teacher, check out The Blissful Teacher, LLC Apothecary

To get a 10% discount, use the coupon code, “kitty.”