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woman suffering overwhelm

Woman Suffering Overwhelm

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We are learning more and more every day about the health consequences of stress on human beings, both physically and psychologically, and research is constantly revealing new information about the effects of stress on the overall quality of our lives. New books are coming out almost daily pointing to the problems inherent in not getting our stress levels under control.

Most of us think of stress as bad—something we would like just to eliminate once and for all. A lot of the stressors that we experience are not the result of negative events, however. Getting married, having a baby, buying or selling a house… these are all stress creators, but they are the result of positive events.

Stress isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s created by change. Furthermore, the stress we feel is more often the result of our perception of the change as opposed to the fact of the change. One person might not be stressed by the same event that would send another person completely over the edge. So, stress doesn’t have to be “bad.” In fact, new research points to the fact that stress by itself isn’t as troublesome as our attitude about stress.

We do need to pay attention to how we respond to stress, however. A report from the American Institute of Stress indicates that (1) 40% of American adults experience negative health effects that are the result of stress, and (2) between 70%-95% of the visits made to our family doctors are the result of stress-related complaints.

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