Can You Send Your Resume in 5 Minutes?

Imagine that a recruiter has just called you to tell you about an absolutely fantastic opportunity that sounds like everything you ever wanted in a job. It could be your dream job!

You are thrilled to hear about it, and then you hear the dreaded words:  “Can you send me your résumé in 5 minutes?”


Most people have something on paper that is akin to a résumé, but most aren’t all that confident that it is all that it should be.

For example, does it accurately portray what you do or can do, or is it just a list of job responsibilities?

Does it include hard transferrable skills or is it overly dependent upon soft skills…things anyone can do

Does it present you as a problem solver? Someone who has a proven record of success?

If you are required to send it through an electronic system, is it “readable?” In other words, will it make it through the Applicant Tracking System or is it possible that a fancy font or a shaded box with something embedded inside it will get hung up…so that no one on the other side of the electronic system can even SEE your résumé?

If you consider yourself a mid-career professional, you may be stuck between the traditional résumé paradigm and the contemporary résumé paradigm. There are books galore with thousands of examples of different résumé formats and examples. How do you know which one is the “right” one for you and your individual situation?


Résumés are totally subjective. I believe you would have a hard time finding 10 different hiring managers or human resource professionals who would agree on which of any 10 different résumés were the “best.”

The bottom line is that your résumé is a tool that will either get you invited to an interview or it won’t.

That means that the job of your résumé is to make the case for why you are a good fit for a particular job.

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Paying someone else to write a résumé for you is expensive. Trust me. I know because I did it. I paid an “expert” $395 to write a résumé  for me that I never used. I might as well have flushed that money down the toilet. I felt “had.”

The career coach I ultimately hired to help me in my career transition maintains that we should learn how to write our own résumé and I agree with her 100%.

For one thing, you need to be able to talk about your résumé when you go in for that all-important interview. If someone else has written your résumé for you, how can you know that you won't get tripped up? You don't.

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