7 Signs of Teacher Burnout

Is It Time To Stay or Go?

Watch this presentation to learn more about how Kitty Boitnott, Ph.D., NBCT, RScP can assist you if you are experiencing teacher burnout.

If you feel that you can relate to the information offered in this presentation, you may want to take the next step, and schedule an appointment for a 20-minute Discovery Session. 

Making the decision to stay or go as it relates to your profession as a teacher is a tough one. If you were one of those teachers who knew from the age of five that you wanted to teach, you now feel defeated and deflated. Much of the fun of teaching has been sucked out of the profession.

The emphasis is on testing and grades instead of instilling in students a love of learning.

It is especially frustrating if you find yourself assigned to a tough school where bad behavior is tolerated. It's worse if the administration in your building fails to provide the support you need.

If you are struggling with the question of whether or not to leave teaching, we need to talk.

If you want to stay but need help managing your stress, we need to talk about that too.

As a Certified Stress Management Coach, I can help you with your stress.

As a trained Career Transition and Job Search Coach who has been dedicated to helping teachers transition from intolerable situations into the job of their dreams, I can help you if you have decided it's time to go, too.

Schedule an appointment right now for a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session. Let's see where you are on the question of is it time to stay or go. I want to help you as you consider your future. Schedule your appointment now.

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