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Dr. Kitty Boitnott, PhD, NBCT, RScP

Dr. Kitty Boitnott, Ph.D., NBCT, RScP

Hello! I am Kitty Boitnott. Let me ask you…

Do you love your job? Do you hop out of bed every Monday morning eager to get to work?

OR, do you dread Monday mornings? Do you just want to pull the covers over your head? Do you loathe going back to “that place” where you only feel like you are working harder than ever with little reward?

If you said “No” to the first question and “Yes” to the second, you might be at a career crossroads.

Teaching has become one of the most difficult and most stressful careers you can choose today. Teachers are increasingly dissatisfied with their career choice.

If you are dreading work on a consistent basis, you may be ready for a career “makeover.”

Here is what my clients tell me: “I still love my kids, and if I could just continue to teach without all of the other ‘stuff' I would. But the paperwork and pressure on testing without any concern about learning are making me both sad and depressed. I don't feel that I can continue to do it much longer And don't even get me started about the low pay, the long hours, and the lack of promotional opportunities. I went into teaching to teach, but all I do now is drill on test-taking skills…and I am sick of it.”

Is this you? If so, I can help you start searching for a better career path for you.


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I am Founder of,, and Boitnott Coaching, LLC.

My area of expertise in helping burnt-out teachers find career alternatives that are perfect for them. I believe work should be fulfilling and FUN!

Without a doubt, teaching can be fulfilling. But for many of us (I was a teacher and librarian for three decades), the fun got sucked out of it a while ago. The stress and sense of futility have built to the point of utter frustration for some. (I became so stressed that I eventually studied stress management and wrote an e-book about it!)

As an experienced Career Transition and Job Search Coach, I help take the mystery and overwhelm out of the job search process. I offer a program called, “Jumpstart Your Job Search in 10 ‘Easy' Steps.” It is designed to help take the mystery out of an otherwise very daunting process.

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