A Message from Sir Ken Robinson Regarding Creativity and the Lack of it in Our Current Education System

A friend commented on yesterday's post (“When an Award Winning Veteran Teacher Quits, You Should Know Something is Very Wrong”) and it brought to mind the work of Sir Ken Robinson, an English author, speaker, and international advisor on education. I have had the privilege of hearing him speak twice in person, and he is always ironically entertaining and brutally candid in offering his critique of the current education system in the United States and other countries where high stakes testing and school accountability have taken precedence over authentic learning. In this TED Talk, he speaks to this very issue. He would agree with Ron Maggiano (from the earlier post) that we are not promoting creativity and analytical thinking with our current approach to education. Even more importantly, he reminds us that education is about engaging human learners and helping them want to learn–not about automating human robots who need to conform with a specific standard in order to succeed. I am sharing this TED Talk because I believe it is profound in its simple message. I encourage you to share it with others who may share that view.